Eau de parfum

Eau de Parfum 50ml

Simple and authentic, Eau de Parfum envelops the body with fruity  freshness.

Body spray

Body Spray 125ml

Light and invigorating, this gentle scented mist wraps the body in a refreshing and moisturizing veil.

Shower cream

Shower Cream 250ml.

The richly smooth Shower Cream releases an intoxicating fragrance while literally melting into the skin.

Hair shampoo

Glossing Hair Shampoo 250ml

This gentle Shampoo respects the scalp while restoring radiance and suppleness in hair.


Roll-on Deodorant 50ml.

Discreetly scented, the Deodorant procures freshness and protection throughout the day. Its anti-perspirant active ingredients protect from excessive perspiration.

Talcum powder

Talcum Powder 100g.

As light as air, the scented talc is a magical moisturizing powder. It melts into the skin and swathes it in a sensation of extreme softness.

Hand cream 

Hand Cream 50ml.

Fluid and light scented, this Hand Cream nourishes and instantly softens the skin.

Body lotion

Body lotion 200ml.

This very fluid scented veil leaves the skin silky and soft, seducing the senses with its alternately invigorating and intoxicating fragrance…

Body cream

Body Cream 200ml.

Silky smooth and refreshing, this cream is instantly absorbed for immediate comfort. The skin, nourished and moisturized, rediscovers softness and suppleness.

Massage oil

Massage oil 125ml.

Take the time to relax with our massage oil.

Discover the benefits of our dry oil, it will delight your body.