We remain attentive to our clients’ needs in order to provide them with optimum support and guidance in terms of regulatory oversight: we carry out the various steps necessary for the compilation of cosmetics registration files, and the supply of products which are compliant with applicable regulations:

  • Regulatory oversight, monitoring of developments and updates
  • Support for R&D / production services in the integration and implementation of regulatory requirements throughout every stage in the development of new products
  • Testing of products developed internally, and in partnership with external regulatory bodies
    • Stability and compatibility testing
    • Toxicological testing: challenge test, skin irritation/patch test, eye irritation test
  • Obtaining product safety certifications essential for release onto the market, in accordance with European regulatory requirements
  • Compilation of product registration files and generation of regulatory documentation 
    • Documents pertaining to raw materials: Technical Files, Safety Data Files, certificates for CMR, Nano, BSE, impurities, etc.
    • Product formula documents: INCI, PAO
    • Packaging documentation: compliance, regulatory indications on design items
  • Compilation of product registration files with export bodies (Intertek) and CPNP
  • Taking necessary steps to obtain Certificates of Free Sale (export)