Production Manufacturing & Packaging

Regardless of your product’s texture, we’re able to offer specifically adapted production methods.

Our objective is to respond to the needs of our clients under the best possible conditions, and within the shortest possible timeframes. 

  • production of cosmetic products
  • manufacturing of alcohol products (maceration, chilling and filtration)

Our core activity is primary and secondary packaging of your perfumes and perfume alcohol products.

We’re equipped to fill glass or plastic bottles of 10ml or more.

We adapt our production units to suit the client’s requests – as a result, we’re able to produce collections in small, medium and large quantities.

Our facilities are home to two fully-equipped and flexible production lines.

This means we can offer the following procedures:

  • Filling
  • Pre-crimping and crimping (various possible diameters)
  • Screw tightening
  • Roll expanding (1 inch)
  • Laser or inkjet coding
  • Recto verso labelling / wrapping
  • Manual or semi-automatic cellophaning 

We also offer the option of carrying out manual assembly and sleeving.

The quality and production teams will implement a system of precise, systematic quality inspections, based on cosmetics industry standards, throughout the production process – the results of which will be recorded in the production files.


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