Packaging & Design

We work with you to develop a comprehensive design brief based on your project:

  • Selecting the primary packaging: bottle, pot, tube, etc.
  • Choice of materials and container capacity: glass, plastic, etc.
  • Choice of container closing method: screw top, cap, snap-lid, etc.
  • Selection of outer packaging: case, box, etc.
  • Client proposals

Following this, we can carry out:

  • Graphic design research and creation (design of the bottle, pot, tube, etc.) based on the client’s visual style guide
  • Packaging design and/or decoration: box, case, etc.

We then proceed to file tracking and pre-production checks:

  • Validation of final proofs and ready-to-print for design elements
  • Sample/template requests
  • Validation of initial design print runs
  • Validation of secondary packaging samples: adherence to brief (shape, size, colour scheme, branding, etc.)